Requirements to establish a Charity Shop/s

In terms of regulations 3 and 4 of the Subsidiary Legislation, all Enrolled and Compliant Voluntary Organisations may establish and operate a Charity Shop and shall notify the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations fifteen (15) days before establishing the Charity Shop, whilst those already operating are to produce all required documents to the Commissioner.

The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations after affecting all verifications required shall issue authorisation for the operation of the Charity Shop with any stipulated conditions deemed fit. Applicants/Operators are to forward the underneath requirements and proof of abatement (Photos, Scans, Documents, Declarations, Identities, Policies, Regulations) with the application. Authorisation issued by the Commissioner to operate a Charity Shop is subject to an automatic yearly renewal if it is Compliant through the submission of its yearly annual returns.

The purpose of this legislation is for the promotion of good practice and high standard in charity retailing, to promote public confidence and support for Charity Shops, to increase donations to Voluntary Organisations, to generate positive Publicity and promote awareness of Voluntary Organisations in promoting Charity Retailing.

The Following requirements are to be adhered by any Organisation to operate a Charity Shop:

  • Charity Shops are to be covered by a commercial license issue by the Planning Authority confirming that premises are licensed as a commercial premise, defining its class. Such Permit is to be produced to the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.
  • The contract of purchase or lease of the premises, or a document confirming a valid legal title is to be produced.
  • Administrators of the Charity Shop are to ensure that they have a clear, transparent procedure in place for donors or customers to notify any complaints they wish to file. Any complaints shall be answered swiftly and promptly.
  • Charity Shops Administrators/Operators shall ensure that the public and donors are treated with dignity, whilst Administrators are to ensure that operators/volunteers undergo substantive training to assure diligence towards customers and donors. It is the responsibility of the Administrators to ensure that operators/volunteers are capable to handle cash, cheques, and stocks.
  • Charity Operators are to clearly make visible and published their policies.
  • Any Person who operates in a Charity Shop, may it be a member, helper, volunteer or operator shall be in possession of a visible Identification Tag. The tag is to bear the name, surname and identity/passport number of the person who operates in the shop, the Voluntary Organisation’s VO number, and the name of the Charity Shop. Tags are to be provided by the Voluntary Organisation Itself.
  • Each tag is to bear the signature of any Administrator of the VO.
  • The tag Shall be marked with an expiry date of one (1) year.
  • Items displayed for sale are to be clearly price tagged.
  • Inside the premises the words ‘Charity Shop’ both in Maltese and in the English language together with the Voluntary Organisation’s name and number is to be shall be displayed.

As per all regulatory Legislations breaching/ default of the Legislation the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations may impose administrative fines or institute Criminal Proceedings as prescribed within the Law.

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